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Who Hires Watson Gan & Associates?

In general, these are the people who hire Watson's 626 Real Estate Team

And here are the reasons WHY...

CEO’s, Executives, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Why? These people are smart, successful, and experienced in hiring the right kind of people. They thrive in making the right decision, admire innovations, recognize good business practices and know to profit from all that they do. They are sold on the ‘Team system’ in operating a business, as Watson’s team has to offers.

Success Story: Paul Seltman, formerly Arcadia was a restaurantuer, business owner an investor in different states. He later became a Realtor in order to make it easier to buy and invest in Real Estate. But, when it came to getting the most money for selling his own properties, Paul hired Watson & his team. Each of his properties were sold for much more than the market value. Paul has been pleased with Watson’s professionalism, marketing system and likes his personal touch.

Educators, Teachers & Professors

Why? Educators are experts at understanding different subject matters and are skillful in explaining and teaching on complex topics. They value Watson’s skills in educating and guiding them through the often stressful Real Estate transactions. He helps them navigating through their difficult, uncharted terrain.

Success Story: Dr. Mario Blanco of Caltech, is a renowned JPL scientist, and he only had limited time to move overseas to undertake an important project in the defense industry. A brilliant scholar and a genius in statistic and complex calculation, Dr. Blanco picked and researched the top 5 local Realtors. He could predict to the exact figures on who can sell his home for, and how long it would take for each of them to sell it. Well, Dr. Blanco chose to hire Watson and he proved himself right. Incredibly, his home was sold for the exact price--the highest among all of the similar homes sold on the market and it was sold in 10 days, right on as he had calculated.

Baby-boomers, Retirees & Long-time Homeowners

Why? Long-time owners have plenty of home equity, usually purchased at much lower prices. Many of these homes are outdated, some with deferred maintenance, and easily became targets for ‘bargain hunters’. Watson is an expert in serving and protecting these sellers with his personalized services with tenacious representation.

Success Story: Ted & Mary McNevin weren’t sure if they can sell their home of over 30 years and move closer to their beautiful grandchildren. They didn’t know if they could get enough money for them to sell and buy their new home out right with cash. Well, Watson sold their old home for $92,000 more and helped purchased a beautiful new home on a hill, a home they absolutely love, near their daughter. They bought it for $78,000 below asking--a total of $170,000 difference!

Accountants, CPA & Tax Professionals

Why? Real Estate and taxes are closely related. Not many people are knowledgeable on these complex issues; like exemption, tax benefits, and how it affect on or/and apply to property sales. The tax professionals are also very good with numbers. Usually they know many Realtors and can identify the good ones. Also, they are very valuable in helping their clients on how to maximize profits, minimize expenses and increase their bottom lines.

Success Story:Mr. Franklin Ruedel is a respectable and knowledgable tax professional. He is very well-known, and for many years has written as a Tax Columnist on several local newspapers. Many Realtors wanted his business. But, he is very impressed with Watson’s remarkable language and people skill, his vast network and sphere of influence in the com-munities. Watson helped Mr. & Mrs. Ruedel sell and buy with exceptional results. “Watson knows everybody,” Mr. Ruedel claimed, “Everywhere we go!” He also referred his daughter, Myra, and many of his friends and his clients to Watson.

Busy, Relocating, and Moving Out-of-Town Sellers

Why? These are people cannot afford for a “do-over”. They are very busy people with so much on their plates. They look for Realtors who would do the ‘extras’ without having to pay more. With Watson’s unique and a long list of ‘Buyers in Waiting’ program -- he is abe to get their homes sold faster. That is a strong advantage in making their transitions move forward quicker, smoother and more predictable.

Success Story: Ken & Valerie Storey had to move to the East Coast. He is smart and accomplished professional, also teaches important subjects like money, finance and investing. They know many Realtors including, their own daughter Dinah. Watson was their only choice to sell their home. Their old Pasadena home got sold in a hurry for much more and it sailed through escrow like a breeze. Watson was so grateful to the Storeys. He wrote a big check and shared his earnings with Dinah (who is a single mother) without her asking or doing anything for the sale.

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Out-of-Town, Absentee or Second Home Owners

Why? These are people who are often bombarded with slick marketing from Realtors going after their listings. They lack local market knowledge and very often are helpless in knowing who to trust, how to decide, or even what to do. Many of these sellers come to Watson by referrals, or rely on his past clients’ reviews and testimonials. And these sellers are extremely grateful.

Success Story: Pete and Susanne Spandau had moved away and enjoyed their new life in the beautiful Colorado. They were surprised to receive several offers for their old home for more money than they had expected. They trust Watson and asked him to look over the paperwork before accepting the highest offer. Watson took a look at it and asked if he can try to get more money than the $870,000 that they were ready to accept. In just one Sunday afternoon, Watson sold that house for all cash, at a staggering $1,300,000. No termite work. No repairs. No hassle. That was almost 50%, more--an unbelievable record that no other Realtor has been able to match, even after 5 years of continuous home value increases.

Investors, Real Estate & Income Property Owners

Why? Successful investors are experienced with purchasing and selling properties. Usually they have known or dealt with different Realtors. They hold high standards and strict criteria for the Realtors they choose. They are savvy and seldom make mistakes on buying or hiring. Watson’s proprietory ‘Get More Sell Fast’--these sellers know they won’t another having such provn, leading-edge selling system.

Success Story: Rick & Wendy Paynes are very experienced and successful Real Estate investors. Wendy grew up and worked with her Realtor parents. They also know how to take advantage of the tax laws and to maximize their Real Estate portfolio. They had moved away, and sold their home and several other properties they owned. First, they interviewed the top agents in the local market. And they decided on Watson and he handled all of their sales ever since. Each of their property was sold for the highest price and they are Watson’s biggest raving fans.

Inheritance, Trustee, or Baby-boomers Selling Their Parents’ Homes

Why? Elderly folks are precious people, but often being taken advantage for being old, weak and vulnerable. With more and more people having to relocate and sell their parents or elder’s home, these sellers are being put upon these challenging responsibilities. Sometimes over their siblings, and having to juggle through various risky undertakings. Their top priority is to get as much as possible for the expensive cost of senior living, and find the least expensive way to get it sold.

Success Story: Katy Smith had moved to Canada when her cousin passed away. She inherited his old home but her cousin was a pack rat. With her being so far away, and her very busy life to manage the sale, Watson & Lucy went beyond their call of duty. “Watson spoke Spanish to the handyman (he recommended, coordinated and supervised). He spoke Mandarin to the buyer, and Cantonese with the agent,” Katy said. That difficult sale ended up as another slam dunk for her and her entire family couldn’t be more blessed.

Probate, Trust and Court Confirmation Sales

Why? These are the most difficult and challenging in Real Estate sales. Most Realtors lack special expertise or experience to do these types of sales successfully. Many serious considerations involved with legal issues, tax consequences; often mixed in with tough and complicated family dynamics. And so many of these sales fall on the wrong hands. Responsible attorneys as well as tax professionals recommend only well qualified Realtors and Watson has been entrusted with many of these sales.

Success Story: Dru Kline, a widow in poor health passed away without a will. Her home with much deferred maintenance, had to go into probate. Her son Marc and his wife were living in Germany. Unfortunately, that house got into escrow with a ‘sneaky’ buyer in collaboration with a less-than-ethical Realtor and sold for under its rightful value. With the neighbors’ recommendation, Watson was asked to step in. Immediately, he fought for Mrs. Kline’s family; helped resolve that escrow and re-sell it for an additional 26% more money for her heirs.

Real Estate Professionals, Industry Insiders, even Realtors

Why? Watson is honored to have clients who choose to hire him over their own grandchildren, their sons and daughters, even over their own spouses. Among Watson’s sellers are Realtors. Yes! Even experienced Realtors. One of them is a top local agent. They hire Watson, even though he had to pay for his service. Watson’s unique language skills and track record make him as “the Realtors’ Realtor” (with documentation).

Success Story: Every Realtor knows and performs at different levels. Some doing and delivering more, and producing better results for their clients. Several Realtors including one of the ‘Top Agent’ in the San Gabriel Valley hired Watson to buy, and then sell even though he can do it on his own. After successfully‘buy low and sell high’ , he admires Watson ability to negotiate in Mandarin and all the major Chinese dialects. Also, Watson’s track record is known among his competitors. This ‘Top Agent’ ended up selling for a much higher price than if he was to market and sell it himself.

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