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Giving Back Tohttps://www.watsongan.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/homelessvenice2.jpg The Communities We Serve

Our Venice Beach Outreach

Serving the Homeless & the Working Poor

Watson, Lucy, and the 626 Real Estate Team sincerely believes in giving back to the community and serving others from the bottom of their hearts. They have been participants in the annual Venice Beach Christmas Party dedicated to feeding the homeless. Aside from this event alone, they are all for the cause of serving the less fortunate in this world. Homelessness is definitely a problem in our world today. There are many negative stereotypes regarding the homeless community and I am here to tell you otherwise that stereotypes are always going to be stereotypes and we should not treat people as such labels. After connecting with hundreds of homeless people, we have realized that everyone’s situation is different. The reasons for their predicaments go far beyond our assumptions. Taking the time to connect with these people opened our minds and hearts to whole new perspectives. We are humbly grateful for the opportunities to serve each and every one of you.

Assisting the Community and Victims of Hurricane Harvey

“So privileged to lead a group of 50+ from Southern California sent fromĀ #EpicentreChurch, We raced against time to Houston right after the flood water receded, and help the poor, devastated, victims of Harvey. Worked long and hard, we knocked down walls, removed insulations, pulled out carpet, teared out floorings, discard soaked furnitures, cleared out soak personal belongings…
Glad to be able to save many homes from destroyed by mold” – Watson Gan

Let's Collaborate and Feed the Homeless Together!

We can all make a difference. United we stand, divided we fall. The problem with homelessness is not going to end overnight or even a few months. However, the more compassionate people we have standing together, I believe we can make a difference at the very least in our local community. If you are interested in working together and feeding the homeless, we would love to meet with you! Send a direct contact and we will get back to you!