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Giving Back Through Our Business

Our Venice Beach Outreach

Serving the Homeless & the Working Poor

Watson, Lucy, and the 626 Real Estate Team sincerely believes in giving back to the community and serving others from the bottom of their hearts. They have been participants in the annual Venice Beach Christmas Party dedicated to feeding the homeless. Aside from this event alone, they are all for the cause of serving the less fortunate in this world. Homelessness is definitely a problem in our world today. There are many negative stereotypes regarding the homeless community and I am here to tell you otherwise that stereotypes are always going to be stereotypes and we should not treat people as such labels. After connecting with hundreds of homeless people, we have realized that everyone’s situation is different. The reasons for their predicaments go far beyond our assumptions. Taking the time to connect with these people opened our minds and hearts to whole new perspectives. We are humbly grateful for the opportunities to serve each and every one of you.

Assisting the Community and Victims of Hurricane Harvey

“So privileged to lead a group of 50+ from Southern California sent from #EpicentreChurch, We raced against time to Houston right after the flood water receded, and help the poor, devastated, victims of Harvey. Worked long and hard, we knocked down walls, removed insulations, pulled out carpet, teared out floorings, discard soaked furnitures, cleared out soak personal belongings…
Glad to be able to save many homes from destroyed by mold” – Watson Gan

If you or anyone is struggling with survival, please reach out to us!

Emergency Preparedness Resources

Building a FEMA Disaster Kit

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Let's Collaborate and Feed the Homeless Together!

We can all make a difference. United we stand, divided we fall. The problem with homelessness is not going to end overnight or even a few months. However, the more compassionate people we have standing together, I believe we can make a difference at the very least in our local community. If you are interested in working together and feeding the homeless, we would love to meet with you! Send a direct contact and we will get back to you!


Homeless crisis has reached a level that we cannot ignore any longer. According to LA Times, a recent outbreak of Hepititis A in San Diego could become an epidemic. It started and spread with the homeless, and our health officials are gravely concerned.

Here in Los Angeles, one of the most affluent cities: Under all the glamour, yet we have the highest homeless population in

the nation. And this year, another staggering 26% increase and it is spreading beyond downtown, affecting many communities including ours. This is a real problem and many wish it will just go away. But, these desperate people have no place else to go. If we continue to ignore this, we all will have a great price to pay later on as a society. More of our tax dollars will have to be spent on clean-up cost, public health, emergency rooms… Not only that, all these will sure to affect the quality of all of our lives.

As for me, I have a loving wife and family. I enjoy my life, I love my business, my good friends and many wonderful clients.

But, life hasn’t always been like this for me. I was raised in a family of 12 children, and my growing up years weren’t easy.

When I was 11, our home was burned to the ground by a devastating fire, that left all of us with only clothes on our backs. After going

through those hard years of bitter agony and the despair of being homeless, I know of the demoralizing feeling of not having a home.

Recently, the issue with the Golden Motel created quite a local uproar. Also, more and more people have serious concerns for public safety, and we all should. Burglary, home invasion and crime are on the rise. So much of the talks concerning homeless issues are about money: government funding, issuing bonds, providing low-cost housing.

Very little about addressing the actual root cause of this chronic problem. As the situation is getting worse by the year, not many leaders are willing, or able to do anything about it.

Let’s make it clear, we know many people are living with consequences of their own lives. Or making poor choices in their past. But when it comes to the homeless, there are more to it. Most people don’t know:

– Not all homeless are lazy people, refuse to work, or just out there to give us troubles

– So many veterans, after serving our nation, or fighting at distant seas, ended up living on our streets or alleys

– Many homeless are ordinary people just like you and I, faced with problems beyond their control and lose hope

– A great number of the homeless are either ill, injured or scared–physically or mentally, seen or unseen

– Some of these people suffered a fall, an accident or a trauma, and could not get back on own their feet

– Also many with substence abuse coping with pain or dealing with hurt, or abandonment from broken family or failed marriage

-You will be surprised how many among the homeless are women, many from domestic abuse, assault or battered at home, and out there with them–their helpless, innocent children who have no place to call home

Ahhh… Lately, I’m having difficulties continuing selling expensive homes here and not do anything about these people?

For more than 20 years, Lucy & I have been blessed to be partnering with and giving to the works of our dear friends Clayton & Leanne Golliher—Hope For Homeless Youth (HopeForHomelessYouth.org). They run one of the most compassionate, effective and successful programs in rescuing the runaways, young people; victims of drugs, gangs, pimps, prostitution and human trafficking. By providing food, shelter, counseling, job training, HFHY has turned countless young people’s lives around. We have also been actively involved in feeding, providing, and helping the homeless in various locations. Also providing goceries and other essentials to the ‘working poor’ and folks struggling in the inner city, it break our hearts to see more and more people are at the brink. Many hardworking people are coming to us for jobs, for food and assistance. So many people are just a pay check away; a job firing, an injury or an illness away from becoming homeless. We all have to do something something about this and every bit helps.

May I invite you to help us out. Here is what you can do:

– If you have any unwanted clothes, shoes, or other useful personal items, I’ll be glad to pick them up

– When you have leftover food (from an event, party, wedding) I can help arrange to serve and feed them

– If you know of any affordable place for reliable single mothers & children or have an extra room please let me know

– Now you can help us through our business–we will continue to provide much needed funds to help out the homeless

I am on A MISSION TO HELP 100 HOMELESS. May I ask you for your business or your referral?

Just call or text me at 626-LEX-SELL (539-7355) or email me at Watson@WatsonGan.com.

For every home that I list and sell, I will contribute, in your name to get a homeless or a family off the street.

And we’ll be glad to send you the picture, and their story. You can write or meet them with encouragement.

Every home I list, I guaranteed to sell it for 6% or more, and 4 times faster than the average of other similar homes for sale.

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